Urban Greening Solutions

Green Matters provides a range of urban greening solutions that includes living roof, vertical greening, biophilic design and urban greening consultancy, system development, supply and installation.

Design and Facilitation

The company will manage the project from the design concept through to installation and long term management of the established system.


SurveyorOur dedicated team offer technical services designed to assist in all aspects of system construction, component selection, environmental and ecological impact, site practicalities, installation and aftercare management.

We offer tailored packages that remove the technical strain of complex system design and implementation and provide a full set of support services, presentations, workshops and seminars which ensure all your requirements are covered.

Green Urban Workshops provide theory and practical training and development on a wide range of environmental and ecological subjects.

For more information on consultancy services, refer to the consultancy section of the site.


BiophiliaThe use of plant material to offset the presence of HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), PM10s (Particulate Matter) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in both external and internal environments. The careful selection of plant type can reduce harmful elements and pollutants, dramatically improving working and living conditions.

Living roofs, vertical greening, ground based landscaping, trees and urban park land all contribute to the reduction of pollutants, dust, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, volatile organic compounds and harmful airborne pollutants.

For more information on assessments and vegetation use, refer to the Biophilia section of the site.