Type 1 Criteria

Intensive Green Roofs

  • Heavy load bearing systems, hard landscape, multidiscipline use
  • Deeper substrate beds 150-1000mm
  • Heavy traffic systems
  • Communal use, residential, office, sports
  • Blend of hard and soft landscaping
  • High maintenance, pruning, aftercare and irrigation requirements

Green roof layers

Examples of content

  • Slab, deck, paving hard landscape finished
  • Artificial turf systems
  • Shrub, tree and intensive planted areas
  • Sport areas, Sports turf systems

Type 2 Criteria

Semi Extensive Green Roofs

  • A blend of intensive planting in an extensive system
  • Medium depth of substrates, 150-200mm
  • Low traffic high aesthetic environmentally functioning systems
  • High ecological value
  • Greater diversity of species with greater rooting capacity within system
  • Some communal and hard landscaping components

Examples of content

  • Some Bio-Diverse systems (+100mm substrate)
  • Semi Extensive plug and young plant systems (high species density plantings)
  • Semi communal roofs with hard landscape and low traffic extensive
  • Wildflower turf systems

Type 3 Criteria

Extensive Green Roofs

  • Low traffic systems
  • High environmental and ecological importance
  • Thinner substrate beds, lighter systems
  • 75-150kg/sqm saturated
  • High aesthetic, low to moderate maintenance
  • Designed for green roof functional accreditation

Examples of content

  • ┬áModular systems
  • Bio-diverse systems (> 100mm substrate)
  • Sedum and wildflower plug, seed and blanket systems