Weather Stations

Weather stationA full range of locality stations and monitoring equipment is available for recording

  • Weather patterns
  • Temperature variants
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Rainfall
  • Wind speed

Moisture Sensors

Sensors can be used as part of a weather station or as a local mechanism for monitoring a vertical greening or living roof system. Sensors can be programmed with remote alarm functions that alert a monitoring station that a situation may need assessing.

  • System drainage performance
  • Insufficient or excessive moisture levels
  • System substrate temperature
  • Air filled porosity
  • System ph and conductivity

Photosynthetic energy grid

Plants produce energy surges through photosynthetic processes that have been harnessed on a small scale to power elements like lights and radios.

The ability to harness energy from plant processes remains predominantly a theory but with the development of new compatible transformers and production techniques for vegetation blankets used in living roof technology, it is anticipated that large areas of urban greening can provide the added benefit of harnessing energy sufficient to power:

  • Emergency roof lighting grids
  • Solar systems
  • Weather stations
  • Internal emergency lighting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Feeding systems

It may be possible in the future for a living roof sensor to trigger a feed and irrigation system through automated process using energy supplied by the system that houses it and stored on the building it is installed on.

By developing a energy conductible element the root zones of certain plants interface with may ultimately produce a living roof and wall system that is totally automated and which produces a return to offset its cost similar to a photovoltaic system.