Cladding a building with live vegetation requires careful planning, use of the correct plant material and an awareness of the maintenance and access requirements post installation.

A living wall system can be a pre-established or site planted module, a screen, barrier or a wire system planted at the base and trained over time to cover the building façade.

Living Wall Modules

A living wall system can provide some key benefits

  • Aesthetic and environmental performance
  • Biophilic exchanges both internally and externally
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces the incidence of HAPs, PM10s and VOCs
  • Absorbs and traps carbon and re oxygenates the local and internal environment
  • Increases productivity, wellbeing and performance
  • Increases local bio-diversity, ecology and sustainability

Pre established green wall modules

  • Pre grown for 6-8 months
  • Lightweight < 45kg/sqm
  • Fitted directly to wall support frame
  • 30-40 plants per sqm
  • 20-30 species in pre agreed design
  • Hydroponic system
  • Built in irrigation, fertigation and monitoring system
  • 95% coverage installed
  • 500mmx500mm module, 50mm thick
  • Annual maintenance essential to maintain system integrity

Planted on site module

  • Fabric planter system
  • Planted on site in compost
  • Substrate system that will evolve to hydroponic
  • Lightweight < 45kg/sqm
  • Fitted to wood or metal frame attached to wall substrate
  • 40-45 12cm – 0.5 L plants per sqm
  • 20-30 species
  • 95% coverage installed
  • 500 x 500mm module x 65mm thick
  • Annual maintenance strongly recommended

Green Screens / Acoustic Barriers

  • Pre established system
  • Produced on a wire and wooden grid 2.8 x 2m
  • Ground planted or planter compatible
  • Ivy, Beech, single species frames with evergreen and deciduous options
  • 95% coverage installed
  • Maximum height of pre grown panels 2.8m
  • Double sided and free standing
  • Temporary up and permanent applications
  • Annual maintenance recommended

Wire trained systems

  • High tensile wire system
  • Horizontal and vertical wires tied to substrate connected eye bolts
  • Ground planted with 3-4ft specimens planted at 3/lm density
  • Climbing species in a pre agreed design, evergreen and deciduous
  • <10% coverage installed, full establishment dependent on plant type, density and structure
  • Annual maintenance to train and prune essential

Bio-Diverse Walls

  • Generally a domestic product for garden building external walls
  • To encourage the development of bee, insect, bird and bat species
  • Grid system to encapsulate a range of materials including,stone, plastic, glass and a range of recycled, reused materials positioned to form an aesthetic and ecologically functioning façade
  • Weight dependent on selected materials
  • No maintenance requirement

For system design, specification and prices please contact us so a project specific package can be discussed further.