Green Matters have more than 20 years’ experience in the horticultural and construction sectors, the company offers a consistent professional service for a range of complex and fluid markets. The company specialises in the conversion of traditional green ethos carefully considering all aspects of sustainability, bio-diversity, ecological and environmental requirements.

Green Matters is an independent team of dedicated plantsmen working at the forefront of urban greening design. We offer a solution to managing complex urban interfaces, design and supply of elements for the green envelope.

We believe in providing a quality, consistent and sustainable service for our customers.

Our clients are of all sizes, covering public and private sectors, construction and horticulture. We are retained by many clients on long term arrangements reflecting the value and service we provide.

We have a strong track record of delivering quality, flexibility and value. With over 20 years’ experience in multidisciplinary product, system and industry support, Green Matters is recognized for its sustainable focus, consistent delivery, breadth of experience and ability to seamlessly blend construction and environmental requirements.

We design all our urban greening systems and offer specification, supply, installation and maintenance services.

The biophilic design centre provides advise, assessments and systems that focus on the use of vegetation to benefit the environment, home and workplace.

Biophilic assessments that provide analysis of chemical elements and pollutants in the environment and recommend the plant type and density suitable to offset their presence and improve the local environment.