Structure & Content

4-hour theory and practical workshop

Section 1

  • Assessment of the urban market, projects, volumes, companies involved.
  • Market dynamics and drivers, specification requirements, routes to market.
  • Biophilic design and Biophilia, using vegetation to improve workplace lifestyle.

Section 2

Living Roof Systems

  • Extensive and intensive living roof systems, including sedum and wildflower.
  • Modular, refurbishment, pitched and metal systems, complex greening.
  • Bio-diverse, brown and blue roof systems, water attenuation, storage.

Vertical greening systems

  • Lightweight modular, pre-established hydroponic systems, planted on site options.
  • Green screens, acoustic barriers, wire trained systems, green pillars, internal.
  • Terminology, benefits and pit falls. Why do systems fail, management requirements

Landscape and ground cover systems

  • Ground cover blankets, plant type and systems.
  • Aftercare & irrigation requirements.

Living Roof Compatible Technology

  • Green roof compatible edge protection, man safe and fall arrest systems, solar support pads, retention and separation details.
  • Inspection chambers, stone borders and habitat construction, allowances.
  • Wildflower diversity islands, sand islands, increased diversity, sustainability.
  • Bird and fire protection products.

Design Considerations

  • Weights and loads, site, aspect, component selection.
  • Species selection, aftercare & maintenance

Environmental and Ecological Drivers

  • Vegetation selection and functional drivers.
  • Focal Bio-diversity, Habitat provision / construction, Sustainability, Pollen and nectar foraging provision.
  • Pollution filters, carbon sequestration, urban Biophilic design.

Section 3

Water Management

  • Attenuation potential.
  • Blue Roof systems, rain gardening.
  • Storage and Harvesting, (walls and roofs).
  • Irrigation and supplementary watering solutions, products and requirements.


  • Acoustic, Insulation and U values performance
  • Waterproofing products, solutions
  • Design considerations, urban greening systems, site, logistics
  • Planning support and allowances
  • Ecological and bio-diversity
  • Environmental performance, HAPs, VOCs and PM10 reduction and Biophilia


  • Warranties & guarantees, strengthening specifications
  • NHBC and regulatory bodies, GRO / FLL, BREEAM and Eco points
  • Urban directives, BAPs and regional controls.

Practical Assessments

  • Building a sustainable living roof system
  • Component and product examination
  • System and component compatibilities and incompatibilities
  • Water management options

Documentation Inclusion

Full generic Q37 pack of roof and vertical systems, Presentation on USB drive, installation and aftercare guidelines, Planning, systems and guidance notes.