Extensive and Intensive Living Roof Systems

Sedum and wildflower blanket, plug and seeded systems

  • Robust low maintenance systems designed for aesthetic and environmental function using a blend of succulents, alpines, wildflower and dwarf grasses that provide lightweight, low input systems that encourage bio-diversity, remove atmospheric pollutants and re oxygenate the atmosphere
  • Available as a pre-established blanket, mixed plug or seeded system
  • Substrate depths 40-100mm
  • Saturated weights 80-120kg/sqm
  • 6 component systems

Bio-diverse systems

  • Environmental and ecological systems with high recycled content that provides high levels of bio-diversity and functional performance. Seeded with local species and including surface habitats for a range of insect, invertebrate and wildlife species
  • Substrate depths 100-200mm
  • Saturated weights 100-200kg/sqm
  • 5 component systems

Modular systems

  • Pre-established tray system that clips together to provide an instant greening result with a mixed sedum or wildflower system
  • Generally, sedum system due to restricted substrate depths
  • Perfect for self-installers
  • 30-35mm substrate
  • 60-75kg/sqm
  • Single pre-established unit

Turf systems

  • Deeper heavier grass systems with wildflower or blended grass species for load bearing decks
  • Suitable for multi discipline use
  • High maintenance
  • Low bio-diversity
  • Substrate depths 200mm +
  • Saturated weights 200kg/sqm +
  • 6 layer systems

Micro Buildings

  • High environmental performance
  • Living roof and water harvesting, storage potential
  • Pre-established system
  • Sedum and wildflower options
  • Solar powered irrigation system
  • Link to green unit website

Metal roof systems

  • Lightweight Sedum for metal roof, standing seam systems
  • Within and above seam options
  • Moisture managed system
  • Substrate depths 40-60mm
  • Saturated weights 70-100kg/sqm
  • 6 layer system specific to metal roof system
  • Project specific retention systems required

Intensive Roof Systems

  • Blended hard and soft landscaping systems
  • Use of multiple finishes
  • Designed for multi disciplinary use
  • High maintenance systems with multiple species use
  • Large plant and tree inclusion
  • Site specific designs
  • Substrate depths 200mm +
  • Saturated weights 200kg/sqm +

Landscape and Groundcover Systems

  • Groundcover blankets for ground based applications
  • Sedum and pre grown blanket products
  • For low maintenance and restricted management locations
  • Flowering and non-flowering options
  • Multiple ground based landscape applications

Water management

  • Drainage layers
  • Urban drainage systems under significant run off volume pressure

For system design, specification and prices please contact us so a project specific package can be discussed further.